jdbHub - A DarkBios hub software for DirectConnect p2p networks. (made in Italy)

jdbHub - Un software hub per la rete DirectConnect realizzato da DarkBios

Written in java, it works on Linux, Windows, Mac

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Scritto in java, funziona su Linux, Windows e Mac

There's no need for installation, just download the .jar executable and reserve an empty directory for it, it will on its own create all the files that it needs.

Then connect to localhost, you will automatically become admin.

By connecting as admin you can change all settings from inside the hub.

Non ha bisogno di installazione, devi solo scaricare il .jar eseguibile e copiarlo in una cartella vuota tutta sua, creerà da solo i file di cui ha bisogno.

Connettiti a localhost, sarai automaticamente admin.

Tutte le modifiche alle impostazioni le puoi fare da dentro l'hub, se ti connetti come admin

Download the .jar executables

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Scarica qui i .jar eseguibili

You can also find the HOWTO, but only in Italian... sorry... (doh!)

DarkBios has you...

troverai anche il manuale in italiano

All released under opensource license,
the original source code is written by Fedechicco of the DarkBios Production
you can contact me on Fedechicco(at)tiscalinet(dot)it.

The original site of the DarkBios Production is www.darkbios.it, which is only accessible by Fastweb users.
All rights reserved on the image and on the names DarkBios, DarkBios Production and jdbHub.